Mu Tunc was born 1986 in Istanbul. He was born in a family of musicians where his father was a singer and his brother was pioneer of hardcore punk bands in Istanbul. He completed his undergraduate degree in Design and his graduate degree in Cinema. He started using camera in a very young age at his brother’s punk concerts to record his live performances. He shoot his first commercial at 19 years old and after his university degree he become one of the youngest creative director of Turkey. Worked at many different ad-agencies, such as; McCann. He directed advertising and marketing campaigns, including Coca-Cola, L'oreal, MasterCard, Starbucks and many other international brands.

In 2010, the visual diary channel he created under the name “Diary of Mu” became one of the leading vlogger projects on the internet. And he shoot short films in variety of cities in Europe and worked with many important artists such as; Melissa George, Asia Argento, Róisín Murphy, Francesco Carrozzini...etc.

He made his debut feature film “ARADA” in 2018 which is a teen film about a punk kid who wants to leave his hometown. ARADA has been seen as one of “the first punk film of Turkey”. At the moment, ARADA is showcasing in national and international film festivals all around the world.